Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm Growing Up?!

It recently occurred to me that I am halfway done with my junior year of college, and will, within a very short time, be going to graduate school and then real life. It also occurred to me that people from high school  are now thinking of engagement, engaged, or married (some with children). When I reflect on this, it brings me back to childhood and that amazingly accurate saying we heard when we were children: “Enjoy your childhood; it will be gone before you know it.”

Holy shit was that right on. School is actually challenging now, becoming a cog in the American workforce is looming in the near future, and within a decade or fifteen years, I’ll probably have a house payment, insurance, and a family to support. This wasn’t the romanticized adult life I envisioned when I was a kid. Responsibilities become more numerous as I get older, and let’s be honest, that sucks.

That being said, I know I am still relatively young, but the fact remains that real life is starting whether I like it or not. While I was at work today, I went to the break room to get my lunch, and all of my coworkers were talking about their kids. This was another nail in the carefree adolescent life coffin. I am officially experiencing break room (water-cooler if I were in an office) type conversations. Office Space here I come. Next thing I know, I’ll be required to put cover sheets on the TPS reports.

To be honest though, I’m excited for the future.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I'll admit it. When my roommate, Brent, got a Snuggie freshman year I thought he was crazy. I stand corrected. Whoever first thought, "The problem is that I am cold, but I can't do anything with my arms with a blanket on," and designed the Snuggie deserves a damn prize for all that I'm concerned. As I write this, avoiding studying for all of my exams, I am Snuggie-clad in my brown microplush blanket-with-sleeves. All problems in my life have dissolved since donning this incredible creation. Can I type, eat, text, or speak like an Italian with my hands in a blanket? The answer is clearly no. When combined with fleece pants and a pair of slippers, it's amazing I ever leave the chair or couch I am sitting in. I feel like this post is long overdue, but since I was in a blogging mood today I figured that I'd post on this blog as well. When thinking of a topic, my mind wandered to my Snuggie. Again, problem solved. I went to the library today, and I was very close to bringing my Snuggie. Unfortunately, because I was also wearing on of my ridiculous Christmas sweaters, I felt that it would be a little too much, so I left it at home. Now that I am back however, it's (the Snuggie and the understood "it") on. I really don't have much else to say, and I should probably get back to my Snuggie studying (another plus of the Snuggie), but I will probably post more later this week. Good luck to all on your exams, and bye for now.